Toshiba Satellite A210 Drivers

Toshiba Satellite A210 Drivers For Windows 7

Model / Version
Modem 2.2.97
Sound Realtek Semiconductor Corporation
A broad range of audio controls are possible by using this sound, including: Software Synthesizer, Microphone volume, 3D enhancement and Power management
TEMPRO 3.3.3
TEMPRO is a software service developed by . It will advise you on how to fine-tune the performance of your laptop and keep you informed of the latest software and updates as soon as they are released
Value Added Package 1.2.40

This is and software is needed to use the integrated webcam.
Wireless Lan (NA) n/a
This is enables a connection to your Wireless Access Point or to another wireless-enabled PC by using your wireless network card. 
Bluetooth Stack NA bltstk-20070724121132.html
Config Free 8.0.23
Display ATI 8.452-080109
Fingerprint Software UPEK
Hardware Setup 2.00.09
This tool lets you customize your hardware settings according to the way you work with your computer and the peripherals you use
Infrared Winbond Electronics Corp.
This is used to transfer files or folders to a infrared device. When an IR connection is established, the ‘Wireless Link’ icon is displayed on the desktop

Toshiba Satellite A210 For XP
Model / Version
Bluetooth Monitor Atheros 3.01
To use the Bluetooth Stack Click on the “Bluetooth Monitor” icon in the task bar. Click on the “Wireless Link” option. Click on the “Bluetooth” tab. Click on the “Add” button and follow the directions listed.
Bluetooth Stack NA bltstk-20070724121132.html
Card Reader Controller Ricoh 3.51.01
This is for your Card Reader. This slot lets you insert different storage cards
Config Free 5.90.08
ConfigFree is a suite of utilities to allow easy control of communication devices and network connections
Display ATI 8.401-07815m-052613C
Fingerprint Software
Bio-logon Finger-Print-Scanner Software provided from Toshiba. If the Software was included at purchase, the License-Key is printed on the CD-Case.
Infrared 5.0B11.567
LAN Realtek Semiconductor Corporation 5.674
Modem SM2177ALD04
Power Saver 2714
SD Utilities
Sound Realtek Semiconductor Corporation
Touch Pad Synaptics
This is allows you to set the properties and functions for touch pad control.
Utilities 1.00.05
Wireless Lan Client Manager Atheros
This Tool helps you configure your wireless network card and gives you more configuration options than the windows embedded configuration functions.
Wireless Lan Atheros n/a wlesslan-20080924172257.html
Wireless Lan Realtek Semiconductor Corporation n/a wlesslan-20090313133831.html

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